guide alpine valle d'aosta


guide alpine valle d'aosta

We are a team of friends Alpine Guides, internationally certified by UIAGM/IFMGA, as well as being members of the Aosta Valley High Mountain Guide Society. Being locally based in the town of Aosta, and surrounded by Europe’s highest mountains (Mt Blanc, the Matterhorn, Mt. Rosa, the Grand Paradiso) allows us to propose some of Europe’s most exciting and spectacular itineraries to our clients.

We guide clients of all levels and ability and above all else we hope to transmit our passion and love for the mountains to all those that share a day out with us in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

guide alpine aosta
guide alpine aosta
guide alpine aosta
Stefano Pivot


Born in 1970, Stefano became Alpine Instructor of Italian Alpine Club in 1999, National Alpine Instructor of Italian Alpine Club in 2000, Aspiring Guide in 2004 and IFMGA High Mountain Guide in 2007.
Member of Grand Paradiso Guide’s company since 2005, he works like a professional avalanche forecaster for the Aosta Valley regional Government since 2006.
He got the qualifications of Snow Observer (2A AINEVA) in 2004, Specialist in avalanches releases with explosives (2B AINEVA)in 2008, Director of Operations (2C AINEVA) and Safety Officer (2D AINEVA) in 2010. In 2011 he attended a postgraduate course with the Swiss guides Werner Munter and PeterKimmig (3x3 method, factors reducing the risk of avalanches, Nivocheck). In 2019, course with the French guide and nivologist Alain Duclos on risk management (Modes de vigilance) and on the assessment of snow stability. In 2014 and 2016 he attends a specialization course "Traces" with ANENA for teaching ski mountaineering. Since 2006 he has been the italian delegate for AINEVA at Cisa Ikar in the avalanche committee. In 2017 and 2018 he attended professional courses AINEVA for expert (judicial expertise) for avalanche accidents; he's in the Register of Experts of the Court of Aosta.
His work ranges throughout the year on various disciplines achievable in the mountains, with a predilection for ski mountaineering in winter/spring and classic mountaineering in summer.

Phone +39 349.55.25.119

rocco perrone
Rocco Perrone

Rocco was born in 1970, lived near Turin and moved to the Aosta Valley in 1995 after obtaining his University degree in Chemistry. He practiced the mountain since he was four years old. He became an Instructor for CAI in 1995, Aspiring Guide in 2006, member of the Grand Paradiso Guide’s in 2007, High Mountain Guide in 2009. In 2006 he became Snow Observer (AINEVA 2A).
Rocco’s passion in the winter ranges from ice climbing to steep skiing as well as ski touring. In the summer you can usually find him leading climbing high altitude mixed routes on the highest mountains of Europe.
Father of three small children he likes very much activities involving youth.

Phone +39 335.56.09.213

alessandro Ceccon
Alessandro Ceccon
  Born in 1970 in Aosta, Instructor of touring the CAI section of Aosta in 2001. Aspirant Mountain Guide in 2006, in 2007 he joined the Society of Mountain Guides of Cogne, and in 2009 became an Alpine Guide. Degree in Forestry, has worked since 2001 for the office of the paths of the Aosta Valley region, and therefore knows, in depth, the High-way and all the trekking in the region. His passion for the mountains is 360 °: practice with the same enthusiasm as hiking and challenging climbs in the mountains, waterfalls and cross country skiing and ice .

Phone ++39 349.56.69.882
roberto bonin
Roberto Bonin
  Born in 1979 in Aosta, attended as a child the mountain, rising 4000 to its first 11 years. Start making climbing to 16 years attending a course at the CAI of Aosta, later became a mountaineering instructor in the CAI National Mountaineering Instructor 2001ed CAI in 2007. But his real dream tied to enthusiasm for the mountains, to transmit values and knowledge that is of going to the mountains in a professional manner, culminated in 2010 when it acquired the title of Aspirant Mountain Guide. At the same observer also gets the status of snow science (AINEVA 2A). Married with two children, graduated in physics in 2002, while working as a researcher has the opportunity to travel a lot, even allowing them to make climbing in various parts of Europe, the USA and Peru. It 's a great enthusiast for ski mountaineering and ice climbing, but his real passion is the great rock and mixed routes in the mountains.

Telefono ++39 347.96.38.346
guide alpine valle d'aosta
guide alpine valle d'aosta
guide alpine valle d'aosta
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