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From the top of Punta Helbronner, accessible by cable car from Courmayeur, begins a spectacular traverse of the Mt. Blanc massive in the heart of the Alps. There are no particular technical difficulties but one must be careful to avoid the numerous cerracs. Participants will be able to admire not only the spectacular scenery but expect rock climbers as they attempt nearby routes of considerable technical difficulties. Once the Aig. du Midi, is reached by climbing a spectacular and exposed, but easy crest, all members of the party return to the Italian side of Courmayeur by taking the spectacular cable car that returns to Punta Helbronner from the Aig. du Midi.

1 day
Suggested dates:
Mid June to Mid September. Dates to be agreed with clients
No technical difficulties but participants must be in sufficient physical condition to be able to hike at altitude
Max. n° of participants:
350 euro to be divided by the number of participants
Necessary equipment:
- Harness
- Mountain axe
- Crampons
All other material will be provided by the guide

Price includes: guided assent as well as all material of common us (i.e. ropes, carabineers etc.)
Price does not includes: room and board at the mountain hut

vallee blanche
vallee blanche
vallee blanche   vallee blanche

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